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Voyager Electronics Corp.
30 Years of Experience
Since 1982, we have consistently provided an offering of electronic components and exceptional customer service. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers of electronic components, cables and other related products allows us to bring the best value and latest technology to our customers.
Customer Service
Founded under strong ideals of value, ethics and determination; customer service has always been one of our top priorities. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best quality products and superior customer service, providing real solutions, value and support for our customers.
Value Added Services
Our commitment to providing the best possible solutions led to the creation of our value added division, Voyager Subcontract Services. VSS began with building custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses, but has grown to accommodate almost any interconnect solution needed to meet our customers’ requirements.

Popular Products
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Bulbs / Bulb Sockets
Filters: RF / EMI
Membrane Switches
What Our Clients Say
"Voyager Electronics offers outstanding customer service and their products are certainly top quality..."
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