Voyager Electronics Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  We have developed and implemented an effective Quality Management System (QMS) across all areas of the organization. The QMS is intended to help improve and sustain the overall performance of our business, products and services.

Quality Policy

We are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System that supports our core values. The QMS facilitates personal development and continuous improvement, while still allowing us to question conventional wisdom, challenge the status quo and try a new approach.

Our QMS is designed to ensure we honor our commitments to meet the requirements of those we serve. It demands we own up to and learn from our mistakes and it outlines objectives to provide feedback for our efforts.

Maintaining our QMS should reinforce our habit of excellence and make us more effective. We all share in the responsibility to see that it does, or to question where it can improve.  In doing so, we increase our value to customers and employees while making us more competitive and increasing our success.